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Increase Your Employees’ Productivity and Save Time and Money

Choose the right version of Your Employee HandbookAs the owner of small business, you probably started your company because you like being in charge of your own prosperity. As you hire people to help handle your success, you’re still the hardest working person in your company. The task of managing your employees can take more time and effort than any other part of running a business—time you could use for some other purpose.

Very few small business owners even consider a handbook until something goes wrong, because they like to keep things friendly with the people they hire. But there are many important reasons why you need one — reasons that will save you time and money. Managing your employees with the professional human resources systems used by the top corporations will not only protect your business in case of a problem, it will increase performance and productivity in your employees. Here’s a few examples:

  • Professional discipline and termination practices will safeguard your business against lawsuits.
  • You can reduce your unemployment and workers comp premiums.
  • You’ll keep morale high with clear standards for performance.
  • Fair and legal vacation policies motivate employees to do their best.
  • Performance evaluations can increase morale and eliminate conflicts.
  • Your employees can do their jobs without constant supervision, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

Employees work best when they know the rules and exactly what is expected of them. Having specific goals to work toward helps them measure how well they are doing in their positions. Having clear expectations makes them feel like an important part of a team. Performance standards will get the most out of your employees and boost the morale of the harder workers. It will also help you to either improve the performance of your weakest links, or terminate them without problems or penalties to your business.

There are Many Employee Handbooks on the Market.
Why Choose Your Employee Handbook?

  • Shows you how to conduct evaluations that motivate your employees.
  • It was designed specifically for small businesses of less than 100 employees and reduces the amount of time you spend supervising staff.
  • This is a policy and procedure manual that defines the standards and states exactly how to handle problems.
  • It provides the right tools for solving your most challenging employee problems.
  • It provides the systems that will keep your business safe from lawsuits. In fact, many of our customers are lawyers, hired to write a handbook by their client.
  • It gives you the tools to fight unemployment claims from terminated employees.
  • It’s recommended by and Fortune Small Business Magazine. It’s endorsed by associations such as the Wisconsin Home Builders Association and Uniform Retailers Association.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Easy to download instantly.
  • Customize it to your business and have it done in matter of hours.
  • Plain language. No “legalese.”
  • 100% Money Back guarantee, but the truth is, after selling this product to thousands of small business for more than 11 years, only 6 people have asked for their money back.

Here’s what’s included:

  • The Policy and Procedure Handbook
  • The Supervisor’s Guide
  • The Basic Safety Program with the 900+ item Facilities Safety Checklist
  • The State Supplement Employment Policy Guide (covers employment requirements in your state)
  • The Employer’s Online Poster Kit
  • The Companion Forms Package
  • Special Bonus E-book: “Ask the Right Questions, Hire the Right Person!” — 2,730 questions and interview guide


Six Industry-Specific Versions

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Personnel policy manual template for contractors

Healthcare Services

Personnel policy manual template for healthcare providers.


Personnel policy manual template for manufacturers.


Personnel policy manual template for offices.


Personnel policy manual template for restaurants.


Personnel policy manual template for retailers.

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