Companion Forms Kit

Companion Forms Kit Help You Administer the Policies in Your Employee Handbook


Forms templates for Your Employee HandbookOne of the hardest tasks associated with managing employees is keeping up with the paperwork.

How do you comply with federal laws that require a consistent, comprehensive and legible set of records for each employee? It’s simple: use the companion forms designed for Your Employee Handbook.

This publication contains every form used in Your Employee Handbook, plus a bonus selection of forms we’ve found useful when managing employees.

Click HERE to see what forms are included in the Companion Forms package.

Each form is professionally-designed to the standards of experienced human resources consultants and is provided to you in three formats:

Adobe PDF Icon1. Adobe PDF Format — Print them out and fill in by hand: You can print these forms on any printer or take the file to a quick printer to have a small supply of them on hand.

Adobe Writable PDF Icone2. Adobe PDF Fill-in Format — Fill them in on your computer and print out: PDF format with fill-in blanks. These are forms you can fill-in on your computer using AdobeAcrobat Reader, then print out to your own laser or inkjet printer.

Microsoft Word Logo3. Microsoft Word Format — Edit the layout and content of the form, fill in on your computer, and print out: Use Microsoft Word or your favorite word processor to open these files and fill them in on your computer, then print them on your own laser or inkjet printer. You can also edit these forms: add blanks, change selection boxes, or delete sections.

The Companion Forms Package will help make your human resources management task easier and more organized.

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