Developed a Balanced Approach to Employee Health Benefits

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Despite the current health care and health insurance crisis, most businesses still provide a basic health insurance plan for their employees. This benefits both employees and employers.

Employees can focus on their jobs because they don’t have worry about health insurance coverage for their families and themselves. Employees with health insurance coverage are more apt to seek medical care when needed, and even participate in wellness programs.

Employers experience better attendance and productivity. Plus, a healthy workforce projects a better image to the public and customers.

Although dental, maternity and life insurance have been provided to employees in the past, fewer receive those additional benefits today. Many employees have the opportunity to add dental, maternity and life insurance, but must pay the entire premium.

Some businesses in high-risk industries, such as construction, mining or public safety, may find it prudent to include life insurance as an employee benefit. Employers, with more than an average number of workers starting young families, have discovered that it’s important either to include maternity coverage or help employees find plans with affordable premiums.

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