Employee Professional Development Programs Are Mutually Beneficial

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An employee professional development program is one of the key reasons that some companies are highly successful. Employees know their jobs better; employees can do more than one job; employees are more motivated because they feel empowered; and employees have more opportunities for advancement — and virtually all of these benefits lead to more productivity, which is directly related to a strong bottom line.

The secret to an effective employee professional development program is that employees must have enough self-motivation to participate in a program with a positive attitude; he or she must be willing to be trained, absorb the material and apply it to their jobs.

You can help your employees find that motivation with these strategies:

  • Make examples of your already self-motivated employees. Every company has some employees that don’t require external motivation. Not only are they self-motivated, but also will readily accept any opportunities you offer to improve their professional skills and advance in the company. As your highly motivated employees apply their new skills, those employees who require motivation will be virtually forced to participate in your employee development program to work at a higher pace or in new ways. These employees will also realize that those that have received additional training have an advantage when it comes to raises, bonuses and advancement.
  • Talk with employees regularly about your development program. Don’t wait until an annual employee evaluation meeting to present, promote and discuss your program. When you do talk with employees individually don’t tell them what skills they need to improve or learn. Instead, ask them to evaluate themselves and tell you how they would improve their skills and productivity. This approach also allows you and the employee to look forward rather than at past errors or problems.
  • Put yourself to the test. You’re not just a business owner and employer, but also a leader. A demonstration of your leadership is that you, other company executives and managers also participate in appropriate professional development programs. Your employee program can include a segment where you and your managers share what you’ve learned with your employees.

In the new economic climate of the 21st century, an employee development program is an essential element of a growing, successful business being driven by highly motivated, productive, trained and rewarded employees.

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