Making a “Can’t-Refuse Employment Offer

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Wooing and hiring the best talent is becoming more difficult by the week. As employees entertain multiple opportunities and offers, sometimes you simply may run out of money. What to do when you’re short on cash but big on intention? offers these tips on putting together a more attractive package for quality applicants:

  • Extra vacation days.Extra PTO is the first place to start, every time.
  • Elevated title. If your firm is loose with titles anyway, no harm here.
  • Eat the parking cost. The cost is generally nominal to a corporation but goes far in showing your genuine intention.
  • Reimburse COBRA expensies if your insurance plan requires a waiting period before coverage begins.
  • Offer a 6-month performance review with the option of a salary increase based on specific measurments. If this person adds value immediately, they deserve the raise.
  • Simply ask what else is important to the candidate. They’ll tell you what “perks” will encourage them to come on board, if you just ask. At the very least, listen carefully for clues.
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