Outstanding-Employee Awards Build Morale, Drive Excellence

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Outstanding-employee, or employee-recognition, awards are some of the best ways not only to honor the work of your employees, but also to provide an incentive or goal for the entire workforce to help you exceed your business objectives. You can use the psychological effect of a tangible trophy or plaque and the accompanying ceremony to energize the morale and refine the focus of every employee, so he or she can possibly be similarly recognized.

Employee awards are usually organized in two broad categories: planned and unplanned awards. Planned awards recognize an employee’s remarkable record during a given period of time that has advanced both the company’s growth and the employee’s professional growth. Planned employee recognition awards could include employee service, customer service or relations, lifetime achievement, employee of the month and attendance.

The other category, or unplanned employee recognition awards, is generally more spontaneous, but it can be noted in your employee handbook in the section that explains your awards program. You could give this award to a team of workers that you’ve noticed are operating at a very high level of performance. Maybe you’ve assigned a special project to a group of employees that was very effective in increasing sales and that they were able to complete on schedule. You can also present appreciation awards to individual employees during one-on-one meetings, so you can emphasize how much you value their work. That seemingly simple gesture can do more to boost that employee’s morale and productivity than an elaborate awards ceremony, or even a raise.

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