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Custom Human Resources Services for Growing Employers

Your Employee Handbook was designed to handle the human resources requirements for small business with up to 100 employees.  As your business grows, your company’s need for qualified and competent employees also grows. We offer custom handbook services for growing businesses.  Click HERE for more information about our custom handbook packages.

Attracting Qualified Employees

Many small businesses complain that finding qualified, committed employees is next to impossible.  Another concern is that small businesses can’t compete with the compensation packages offered by larger companies. The good news is that most workers prefer to be employed by smaller companies because it’s rewarding to participate in a company’s growth and expansion. Job satisfaction is so important that employees are willing to accept less compensation to have it, as long as they are paid fairly.

If compensation isn’t a top concern, what employment practices attract and retain the best employees? As your company grows, there are three areas of focus for building your team:

  • A safe working environment
  • A clear path for growth within the company
  • Employee development that creates new opportunities for growth

These three areas, when successfully managed, create long-term commitment from your top performers. They also help you create the kind of work environment that promotes initiative, high levels of productivity and retention of your more skilled employees.

In today’s business world, larger companies have achieved short-term cost reductions by outsourcing jobs to other countries. Small business entrepreneurs recognize this as a short-term gain with serious and expensive long-term consequences. The best chance for continued growth and prosperity for the smaller business is a highly motivated and well-trained employee team.

Your Employee Handbook offers three custom programs to support the continued growth of our customers. These programs target the concerns of your best employees ­– the ones you need to stay with you while you grow your business. For more information on our custom packages, click through on the following links:

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