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Progressive Employment Programs

To most employees, job satisfaction means feeling valued and recognized for the contributions they make.  Unlike large corporations, small business owners often work side-by-side with their employees and are more connected to the realities of the jobs their employees do. Small business owners see every position as vitally important to the company. There are no “entry level” jobs.

A common misconception among employers is that workers at lower levels don’t treat their jobs with the same professionalism as upper level employees. Not all employees want the responsibility of management, but they do take their jobs very seriously. They want to grow within their jobs and expand their technical knowledge.

Progressive Employment Programs are a win for both the company and the employee because they communicate to the employee three very import things about their job:

  • Every job is vitally important to the operation of the company.
  • There is a plan to develop skills for every position.
  • The company encourages commitment because it invests in employee development.

A Progressive Employment Program (PEP) is a structure that details every position and how it fits within the company. It shows a clear path of growth for every job along with duties, requirements, safety risks and performance standards. This structure gives employees a measure of control over their job performance by showing them the exact skills required to progress to the next level.

Employees are often willing to take initiative in their jobs, but they don’t always have the skills to follow through with their good intentions. Large corporations impose a lot of structure on employees through rigid job descriptions that discourages initiative. A PEP helps employees manage their personal growth within a company by pointing out the areas to take initiative. It informs them of the minimum skills required to perform the duties assigned to a position.

A Progressive Employment Program correctly implemented gives the employer information about how to best organize positions for maximum productivity, and how to encourage the best performance from each employee.

What Is Included in Our Package?

Our PEP package includes developing job descriptions for each of your employees by analyzing the contribution each employee makes. We’ll survey and compare your employees’ descriptions of their duties with their managers. We’ll help you determine what skills and special abilities your top producers have, so these skills can be taught and transferred to others.

Your program will include interviews with top managers, questionnaires developed for your employees to determine job duties, and a review of your more successful employees. The final result will be an organizational chart, a manual of job descriptions for the most efficient way to assign duties, and clear paths for employee development within the company. We’ll help you target the skills that are missing in your company that you need to acquire for continued growth.

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Prices start at $350, and are based on the number of employees in your company. It’s easy to start the process for your customized progressive employment program. Simply call us at your convenience or fill out the contact form below and we’ll call you with a FREE consultation. We’ll explain everything and answer all of your questions. There is no payment due until we agree on the scope of the project and you are ready for  us to start work.

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