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Notice To All Employees Working On Federal Or Federally Financed Construction Projects (Davis-Bacon Act)

Federal website links and files change frequently. Please let us know about broken links. Updated March 2013.

Download these official posters FREE directly from federal agency websites:

Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division. 29 CFR 5.5a)(l)

Who must post: Any contractor/subcontractor engaged in contracts in excess of $2,000 for the actual construction, alteration/repair of a public building or public work or building or work financed in whole or in part from federal funds, federal guarantee, or federal pledge which is subject to the labor standards provisions of any of the acts listed in 29 CFR 5.1.

Other information: The contractor or subcontractor is required to insert in any subcontract the poster requirements contained in 29 CFR 5.5a)(l). The poster must be posted at the site of work, in a prominent and accessible place where it can easily be seen by workers.

Direct link to poster web page:

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