Policies Included

Policies Included in Your Employee Handbook

Each policy listed is included in all versions, unless otherwise indicated. Additional policies are available to members only in the Personnel Policy Vault.

As of March 1, 2011: 101 Green sm2 This symbol indicates a new policy added since January 1, 2011. Your Employee Handbook is a fully-editable Microsoft Word document; you can add, delete or revise any policy to fit the needs of your company.



Gender Pronouns

Employment at Will

Employee Acknowlegement Form


Our Company

Our Patients

Goals Statement

Goals Statement for Company

Goals Statement for Physicians (HEA) 101 Green sm2

Goals Statement for Practice (HEA) 101 Green sm2

Organization of the Practice (HEA) 101 Green sm2

The Manager (HEA) 101 Green sm2

Equal Employment Opportunity

Affirmative action Statement

Disability Accommodation

Pregnancy Accommodation

Lactation Accommodation 101 Green sm2

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Immigration Law Compliance

Sexual and Other Harassment

Hiring Policies and Procedures

Hiring Policies

Age Requirements for Some Duties 101 Green sm2

Criminal Convictions

Serious Chronic or Prolonged Illness

Employment Categories

Permanent, Full-time, Salary

Permanent, Full-time, Hourly

Permanent, Part-time, Hourly

Evaluation Period

Hiring Relative of Current Employees

Inventions and Creative Work

Job Descriptions

New Hire Act

Personnel Files

Reference Checks

Rehired/Reinstate Employees

Seniority 101 Green sm2

Serious or Prolonged Chronic Illness

Employment Policies

Work Schedules


Availability for Work


Emergency closings

Job Abandonment

Job Sharing


Reduction of Hours


Time Off

Work Hours and Flextime

Employee Payroll

Change of Status

Compensatory Time 101 Green sm2

Direct Deposit of Wages 101 Green sm2

Diver”s Pay (CON) 101 Green sm2

Field Salaried Extra Pay (CON, MFG) 101 Green sm2

Garnishments and Support Oders

Layoff and Recall

Licenses and Certifications (CON) 101 Green sm2

On-Call (CON, MFG, HEA, OFF) 101 Green sm2



Payroll Deductions

Payroll Errors


Per Diem for Regional Assignments (CON, MFG, HEA, OFF101 Green sm2

Salary Advances and Cashing Checks

Special Pay Rates, Shift or Holiday Premiums, Special Positions 101 Green sm2

Show-Up Pay (CON) 101 Green sm2


Tip Credit (RES)


Employee Performance


Increases in Pay





Involuntary Termination

Exit Interviews

Employment References (service letters)

Return of Property

Payment with Notice

Workplace Standards

General Rules

Bulletin Board

Cash Handlng Procedures (RES, RET) 101 Green sm2


Customer Service

Company Vehicles

Confidential Information

Conflict of Interest

Contacting Employees after Hours

Customer Service

Electronic Policy


Prohibited Communications

Personal Use

Access to Employee Communications

Security/Appropriate Use

Participation in Online Forums

Policy Violations

Employee Meetings 101 Green sm2

Employee Services 101 Green sm2

Employee Conveniences

Employee Parking


Parking at Jobsites, Customer or Vendor Locations

Security and Entrance Gates at Jobsites

Equipment Usage

Company Property and Usage

Company Vehicles


Mail Systems

Personal Property

Phone System

Postage, Office and Shipping Supplies

Family Emergency Notification


Grooming and Personal Hygiene

Housekeeping 101 Green sm2

Office Personnel

Jobsite Personnel (CON)

Lockers (CON, HEA, MFG)

Meal and Breaks

Food and Beverages

Media Policy/Public Statements 101 Green sm2

Name or I.D. Badges 101 Green sm2

Retail Policy (RET) 101 Green sm2


Non-Compete Agreement


Open Door Policy

Outside Employment and Activities


Sick or Late Call-In

Solicitations and Petitions



Stereos/Radios/Personal Entertainment Devices

Suggestion Program


Theft, Misappropriation or Destruction of Property

Time Off



Workplace Monitoring

Patient Procedures (HEA)101 Green sm2

Assisting in the Medical Area

Patient Flow

Preparing the Examining Room

Starting Each Day

After Every Appointment

Preparing the Patient

Assisting with the Examination

Medical Procedures

Prescribing Medications

Concluding the Patient”s Visit

Medical Office Administration (HEA)101 Green sm2

Accepting New Patients

Prospective Patients

Referring a Caller to Another Care Provider


New Patients

New Patient Orientation

Mail and Correspondence


Processing Mail

The Doctor”s Correspondence

Medical Emergencies

Medical Records

Computerized Records

File Retrieval

Reception Desk

Abusive Visitor


Telephone Messages


Medical Advice Via the Telephone

Employee and Workplace Safety


Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents in the Workplace

Bloodborne Pathogens (HEA) 101 Green sm2

Boom-Supported or Other Elevated Work Platforms (CON, MFG) 101 Green sm2

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Employee Safety Training

Material Safety Data Sheet

Fire Emergencies and First Aid

Equipment Traning

Hazardous Materials Policy

Fall Protection (CON, MFG) 101 Green sm2

General Safety Considerations (CON, MFG) 101 Green sm2

Personal Protective Equipment (CON, MFG) 101 Green sm2


Safety and Occupational Health


Shoplifters (RES, RET)

Weapons and Violence

Welding (CON, MFG) 101 Green sm2

Work Zone Traffic Protection (CON) 101 Green sm2

Employee Relations

Adherance to Policy

Guidelines for supervisors

Guidelines for employees

Complaint Procedures 101 Green sm2

Problem Resolution

Problems with co-worker

Problems with employees in another department

Problems with equipment or systems

Problems with policies

Problems with your supervisor

Conflict Resolution Form


Appealing a termination

Appealing a disciplinary action

Adherence to Policy

Employee Conduct


Progressive Discipline Policy and Procedure

Disciplinary action

Administration of the disciplinary procedure


Immediate termination

Termination after review

Termination after written warning

Termination after two warnings

Performance issues

Monitoring supervisors

Employee Compensation and Benefits

Special Benefits


Employee Assistance Program 101 Green sm2

Employee Discount Program (RES, RET) 101 Green sm2

Profit Sharing Plan 101 Green sm2

Stock options

Tuition reimbursement


Health Insurance


Long-Term Disability 101 Green sm2

Retirement Trust Plan (Davis-Bacon Fringe Plan)(CON, MFG) 101 Green sm2

Social Security 101 Green sm2

State Disability Insurance 101 Green sm2

Unemployment Insurance

Workers” compensation

Paid Leave Benefits, Optional

General Policies

Bereavement Leave



Parental/Personal/Short-Term Leave

Sick Leave


Paid Leave, State-Mandated

Jury Duty Leave

Crime Victims Leave 101 Green sm2

Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault 101 Green sm2

Unpaid Leave


Family and Medical Leave

Literacy Education Leave 101 Green sm2

Military Leave

School Activity Leave 101 Green sm2

HIPPA Privacy Policies (HEA) 101 Green sm2

Release of Patient Information

Patient Access

Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Third Party Payment

Law Enforcement Agencies

Mental Health Record

Accounting of Disclosures of a Patient”s Protected Health Information

Required patient action

When the patient is physically present or otherwise available.

Releasing a Patient”s PHI for Purposes of Locating the Patient or Locating or Notifying a Patient”s Family Member or Friend of the Patient

Communicating Protected Health Information via Electronic Mail (E-mail)

Fax Policy

Rights of Minors to Keep Certain Categories of Protected Health Information Confidential


Requests for PHI from the Minor”s School

Distribution of the Notice of Privacy Practices

Ownership and Control of Original Records Containing Protected Health Information

Removal of a Patient”s Records

Disposition of Original Records Upon Departure of a Health Care Provider

Patient Complaints about Uses and Disclosures of their Protected Health Information

Exercising Patient Rights Related to Protected Health Information

Confidentiality of Psychotherapy and Personal Notes

Disclosures of Protected Health Information Required by Law

Responding to Law Enforcement Inquiries

Responding to Inquiries from National Security, Intelligence, and Protective Services Officials.

Releasing Protected Health Information to Prevent a Serious Threat to Health or Safety

Unauthorized Uses and Disclosures of a Patient”s Protected Health Information

Violations of State or Federal Confidentiality Laws and Regulations

Disclosures Of Protected Health Information Over the Telephone

Releasing Information for Purposes Of Treatment, Payment and Health Care


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