Another Good Reason Why Employers Should Become Social Media Savvy

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It’s not uncommon for many companies to implement a policy that forbids managers and supervisors to provide employees leaving the company with references. Legal counsel often drives this policy, since part of their responsibility is to protect the company.

This puts many former employees in a difficult situation. The best of them can’t use glowing references to secure the best possible new jobs. Those with a few employment “flaws” could use good references to overcome any negatives, and be more easily hired.

With the advent of social media, however, former employees are able to provide those hiring with some positive information.

Linkedin, the professional social networking site, seems to be fulfilling this role. Former employees can use the site to gather references from co-workers and even clients of their former companies. Those looking for work may also find information about the companies they are considering through the comments of workers who have left those companies.

A social-medial savvy hiring manager will also use Linkedin to communicate with the co-workers of potential new employees to learn more about them. This resource could become part of a company’s hiring process, so a hiring manager can be even surer about his or her hiring recommendations.

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