Motivated Employees Is a Major Success Factor

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Motivated employees come in two basic groups: The few that that are self-motivated, needing little or no direction. They seem always ready to dive into their jobs and focus on efficiency and productivity. The remaining employees represent a descending scale of motivation from average to below-average to poor. Employers must proactively provide motivation for these employees, which can take many forms: training or incentives, or a simple, large wall chart that shows daily increases in output, with a specific sales goal and reward at the top.

As an employer, you must first realize that constantly motivating your employees is a critical factor in your success formula. A great product or service, customers and sales all also all vital, but only motivated employees can integrate those other factors into a highly productive machine, and shared success. You want employees that respect their jobs and the company and its ownership. That respect is an internal key for self-motivation. If employees respect their jobs, then they are compelled to work hard at them to maintain that level of respect.

You’ll understand what motivates your employees or what is necessary to motivate them if you look at the workplace experience from their perspectives. If you run an early shift, then try to determine what drives those employees to be awake before dawn; ask them, even do it with them.

With that knowledge, you’re better able to take some of the following actions to motivate your employees:

  • Show your appreciation. Employees welcome praise or recognition for their work.
  • Offer proof of success. Share with your employees the one-millionth product to be manufactured. Display it in a place of honor. Share customer success stories with employees, so they know their work changed someone’s life or the world for the better.
  • Reward good work. You don’t have to be a showy and give employees bonuses or expensive gifts; often you can’t. A quick and private word, however, to an individual employee about a specific, even small, task he or she did well can be highly motivating.

Under-appreciated and unrewarded employees are less likely to be motivated to perform at their best. As their leader, you should have the self-motivation to help them feel good about their jobs, the company and your leadership and take the actions that lead to success for all.

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