Employees Want to Vent Opinions

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Employees want to know their opinion matters to their boss, according to a recent Badbossology.com survey sponsored by Development Dimensions International.

In a survey of 500 global employees, the majority responded that if they had the chance to walk in the shoes of their boss, the first order of business would be to ask employees what they should change.

This response shows that employees want to contribute to workplace transitions, especially when there is a new boss in place, according to Rich Wellins, Senior Vice President, DDI.

Specifically, when asked what’s the first thing they would do if they switched roles with their boss tomorrow, of the 584 people who completed the survey: 34% would ask their employees what they would like to change; 12% would replace at least one employee; 20% would reorganize the department and/or reassign responsibilities; and 32% would meet with their boss to clarify expectations.

Difficult bosses are a big problem in corporate America. Other surveys indicate that approximately 40% of employees have had to deal with a bad boss, and a Gallup Organization study of over one million employees found that if a company is losing good people, more than any other single reason, the cause is their immediate supervisor. Gallup also found poorly-managed workgroups are an average of 50% less productive and 44% less profitable than well managed groups.

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