Employer Concerns about Employees’ Access to Social Networks Leads to Stricter Policies

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The findings of a spring 2010 Robert Half survey reveals that many of the respondents (chief information officers) are troubled at how much social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, distract employees during the workday. This has led to 38 percent of those surveyed stating that they have implemented stricter rules relating to employees’ access to social network sites during the workday. The new survey as well as a similar Robert Half survey in October 2009 found that the number of CIOs with policies that don’t allow any access to social network sites has remained same at a bit more than 50%.

Twenty-three percent of the CIOs in the survey said their policies specifically limit personal use, but more of them relaxed the rules when it comes to using social networks for business purposes; only 15 percent of CIOs instituted more restrictive business-use policies.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to social-networking policies,” said Dave Willmer, executive director of Robert Half Technology, in a statement. “To be effective, guidelines should include input from stakeholders throughout the organization, including IT, legal, human resources, marketing, public relations and front-line employees.”

Employers of any size company are faced with this dilemma because social networks are legitimate business tools, and their importance is only growing. Wasting time tweeting with friends and families is wasted productivity, but employers must also be aware that the casual nature of social networking sites could make it easy for employees to share company information unconsciously (or consciously) that should be protected. That means social networking policies must be comprehensive and very specific, so there are no misunderstandings about what is and is not permitted.

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