How Far Will Loyalty Go?

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Eric Qu’r’, managing director and project manner and product manager at Q-Line Innovations, shares a different perspective on employee and employer loyalty.

He says, for example, an employee’s gross salary is $150,000/year, but the total cost to the employer is more than $200,000. From the employer’s perspective, laying-off this employee adds $200,000+ to the bottom line.

The employee who is paid that $150,000/year salary has a much different point-of-view when he receives an offer from another company to fill a similar position that pays $200,000+. It’s very likely he or she will accept that offer.

Loyalty doesn’t go very far on either side in this scenario, which is why it’s important to have every employee sign a document describing him or her as an “at-will” employee. This protects both parties because the employer can terminate the employee with or without cause, and the employee can quit at any time in the same manner.

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