Job Descriptions Are More Than a List of Tasks

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Writing job descriptions may seem like a mundane activity, but when employers learn how to create results-oriented, instead of task-oriented, descriptions, they become valuable and time- and money-saving hiring and evaluation tools.

Selecting a candidate based on a task-oriented job description only qualifies the candidate to do the job. What’s more important, however, is whether a candidate is qualified to generate the results or productivity that are required to grow the company and maximize the value of the candidate as an employee.

It may be best to start the process by writing a task-orient job description; after all, it has some value too. In the case of an accountant or comptroller’s position, a task may be to manage all accounts receivables and payables. To transform that description from task to results, it is written as “Maximizes cash flow through proper management of A/R and A/P.”

Many candidates for this position will be able to manage those accounts (in fact, they all should); however, only those candidates, who are able to address challenges (maximizing cash flow) with a results-oriented mindset, should be considered truly qualified.

Once an employer has written results-oriented job descriptions, other elements of the hiring process (help wanted ads, job interviews, job training, performance review, etc.) become easier, more efficient and more likely to attract the best candidates.

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