A Brief Guide to Interview Questions

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Here are some guidelines about asking interview questions. A couple of key points to keep in mind.

  • Never ask a yes or no question. These types of questions need to be reserved for the application form.
  • Always ask open-ended questions. Treat the interview as an oral examination. The goal is to make the applicant think, so that you can select the most qualified to be in your organization. The more grueling your selection process, the more your employees will have in common with one another, since they have all gone through that “awful” examination.

Let’s say that you’re recruiting for a Training Manager. One type of question you could ask in the first interview is this:

When does team or group learning make sense or not make sense?

Here is another example of questions that you could ask applicants for a Recruiter position.

Is a contingent job a good job? Will contingent work grow in the future?

What are some positive aspects of using the Internet as a recruiting source? What are some dangers?

This is fundamental background knowledge of the field that the applicant is applying to work in. The goal with asking a question like this is to evaluate the applicant’s knowledge of their field. If they can’t answer the question, then it appears that they are lacking the knowledge of their field.

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