Hiring in 2006

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In 2005, the “War on Talent” prevailed. The economy, as well as the job market, hasn’t slowed down with the new year – it’s only beginning to pick up even more. There is a greater demand for qualified people to fill the jobs than candidates available. Erin Mueller of Hiring Revolution offers a few tips to making successful hires more quickly and with fewer headaches and better results in 2006:

Decide on which candidates to interview within 48 hours of receiving their resume. This will help you have a better chance at interviewing them before someone else snatches them up.

Consolidate phone interviews to one or two days, rather than spreading them out over several weeks. This will help keep the candidate’s interest level high.

After completing phone interviews, if you are interested in that person, find the earliest possible time to bring them out for an in person interview. The really great candidates will be snatched up quickly.

Make sure to have your reference checks done prior to the final interview; this will speed up the process in the end.

It’s more than likely your candidate is interviewing elsewhere, so to prevent the candidate from taking another offer before yours is made (if appropriate). Decide on a candidate within 48 hours of the final interview.

Remember the candidate has this time to interview you as well, so upon offer, they should need no more than 24 hours to accept the offer.

Offer a great package; make it competitive with the market place. If relocating someone, at least assist him or her with relocation. The more senior the position, the more relocation should be offered. Play up the benefits, the perks and the vacation. Most of the time this is more important to the individual than the bottom salary.

Lastly, be accommodating: if they are new to your city, point out all the great features of the city-schools, restaurants, housing, pubs, etc. Offer to show your candidate around while they are out there for the interview, this will give them the warm and fuzzy feeling we all strive to have.

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