You’ll Retain More Employees When You Ask Them to Help Improve the Workplace Environment

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When you must downsize, it’s important that you retain your best employees. You can chart their attitudes and productivity to determine their value, but to know whom you should retain and how, you must understand what they think about the workplace environment.

You can do much to reveal what your employees are thinking and develop methods to keep the best ones with an employee workplace evaluation.

You start with an employee survey, in which they are able to explain what they like or dislike about working at your business. The survey should also provide an opportunity to list what they see as barriers to productivity and improved performance as well as the positive elements of the workplace and its systems.

Then, closely study and analyze the survey results and share them with employees during meetings. This is an opportunity to verbalize your analysis and for employees to expand on their answers or offer new input since the survey. You’ll also find it wise to ask a third-party to be the moderator at those meetings, so the discussion can be frank, fair and open.

Without a doubt, the most important step is to take action on the survey and meeting results. You’ve asked your employees to invest time and thinking in the survey and meetings, so you can’t drop the ball now! You can negatively affect the workplace environment if your employees don’t see you taking action.

An underlying benefit of this process is that your employees are apt to buy in even more to your company’s mission and be willing to give you more of themselves.

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