Research Reveals Extent of Workplace Bullying

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According to research from the Workplace Bullying Institute, a survey of human resource executives revealed that one-third of them had personally witnessed or experienced workplace bullying. The findings also suggest that workplace bullying can make it more difficult to retain employees and cause communication and productivity issues.

Workplace Bullying Institute is the only United States organization dedicated to the eradication of workplace bullying through individual support, research, public education, consulting for employers and legislative advocacy.

Although bullying can become violent; in the workplace, it’s more likely to be manifested as unwarranted criticism, biting sarcasm or demeaning a co-worker’s character. Employers must also be aware that bullying can even include sabotage of a co-worker’s work product, which may actually jeopardize the company’s bottom line.

Because of the nature of their positions within a company, supervisors and managers could find themselves crossing the line between leadership and bullying without knowing it. Supervisors that are uncommunicative with selected employees or assign them most or all of the dirty or difficult jobs are bullying through power.

Employers may require specific training and information to be able to notice the signs of workplace bullying. The victims can experience various physical and psychological maladies that have a direct effect on attendance, performance and productivity.

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