Your Management Style Is a Key Factor of Your Business Success

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Regardless of the kind of company you own and/or manage, your primary goal is profitability. Your management style, however, will have a major effect on how well you lead your employees to reach your goals and fulfill your mission.

There are essentially three types of management styles: autocratic, democratic and liberal. Your personality, the type of business you operate and the employees that help you operate it will usually determine which is best for you.

The best place to start is to take a personality test (many are available online for free). It will be difficult to be a democratic or liberal manager if your personality is autocratic, and vice versa.

Read one or more books about leadership, or attend a seminar. This can also help to reveal the management style that’s the best match for your workplace and employees.

Ultimately, management style describes how much you control your employees and how much you allow them to control the working environment.

For example, in a factory or call center where employees are expected to satisfy hourly, daily and/or weekly productivity totals, an autocratic management style may be required. The downside is that, although employees’ work is very repetitive, they may think that they should still be able to provide feedback about procedures and policies.

In a business where productivity is a collaborative effort, such as technology, advertising, architecture, etc., a democratic management style may be more conducive because employees in these types of businesses expect to be involved in decisions about process.

These types of businesses can also be managed with the liberal style because the workforce is so highly trained, self-motivated and professional that workers don�t require much direction or oversight. A real estate broker, where the Realtors may be considered independent contractors, is another example.

The most successful managers, with the most flexible personalities, have discovered that a combination of management styles is often the best course.

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