Dump Those First Aid Kits

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Thinking about purchasing some first aid kits for your business? Think again! With these 5 great and highly responsible reasons, there won’t be any sort of issue when it comes to keeping your employees safe. We’ve done years of research and put together this anti-first-aid-kit list that’s sure to make our case extremely well!

#5: Injuries? What Injuries?

Come on, injuries? Do they really even happen? Frankly, I’m starting to think this whole “injuries” racket is just that — a bunch of BS! Do you know anyone who’s ever been injured? Come on, I bet you all probably said “no” right there. Wait, what’s that? You do? Oh. Well, moving on….

#4: Can’t we just heal ourselves?

This seems to work in comics and various superhero films, and I’m really starting to think that it works in real life, too. I mean we see it all the time when we cut ourselves or something — the body just heals itself right up! Who needs all this first aid crap, anyway?

#3: All that junk…

So pricey, all those bandages and things, right? You’ve got all that complicated gauze and these weird chemicals for “infections” and a bunch of other stuff, and I mean really who ever gets those? I’m starting to think these magical “first aid kits” are just some kinda big conspiracy or something!

#2: You can find simple and “safe” replacements for anything in a first aid kit!

Let’s say you have a little “mishap” at the office — why reach for that dusty, boring old first aid kit when you can use a little creativity (with a capital C, of course) to bandage up that open fracture with a bit of duct tape and printer toner? Try it out, and then let me know how it goes! Well, actually, don’t let me know.

#1: You’ll save more money by solving accident problems after they happen.

I mean yeah, using a first aid kit might save your business a ridiculous amount of money by treating an injury quickly before it gets out of control, avoiding lengthy hospital stays and other such joys, but who can really say, either way? Why not just risk it?

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