How Employers Can Support Supervisors to Motivate Worker Productivity

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For many years, employee satisfaction has been considered the primary motivator of work performance; however, research from West Virginia University indicates that what really motivate workers is their faith in their supervisor and their perception of being treated fairly throughout the workday.

The research also reveals that supervisors often shape employees’ perception of the company for which they work as well as influencing the company’s perception of its employees. Because of this dual role, supervisors are in the vital position to drive the company’s excellence.

Employers can support supervisors in a number of ways, as they inspire employees to achieve new goals.

First, be sure that all policies and rules, relating to wages, diversity, etc. are fair.

Second, ensure that management is applying those policies fairly and equally when addressing employee and work issues, problems, situations, etc.

Third, suggest a “watchdog” committee of managers/supervisors and employees to monitor the application of fairness in the workplace. It’s also essential that the committee determine to what degree employees (and supervisors) are striving to excel beyond the expectations of their positions.

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