Human Resource Professionals Are Crucial to Building Trust

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An expert in human resources says, “that the effectiveness of an organization’s human resource department centers on the managers’ and employees’ ability to trust the HR staff.”

That trust is important because it leads to effective communication, employee retention and employee motivation. In that environment, interpersonal relationships are much easier and managers and employees are able to achieve much more. Conversely, the lack of trust will result in an unstable workforce that is less productive.

Since trust is not a concept that is easily articulated, the human resource expert suggests thinking of trust as being a combination of credibility, reliability, intimacy and personal orientation.

Credibility can be defined as whether a person’s words, deeds, skills and relationships with others are believable. To gain credibility, human resource professionals can utilize two techniques: Be a constant source of information to support employees and managers and know the latest human resources trends and issues.

Reliability relates to one’s actions, and whether they make him or her dependable. Human resource professionals earn reliability when they treat employees equally, deliver on promises and confront problems with solutions.

Intimacy refers to how secure employees and managers feel when seeking help and/or information from the HR staff—and that staff’s effort to protect the privacy of employees and managers. To be successful at serving both, the HR staff must also have a clear, professional understanding of the employer/employee relationship, and treat each equally.

Personal orientation is the HR professional’s ability to view problems and issues from the point of view of managers and employees. The HR staff can achieve this when it asks for regular feedback from those it serves and not only listens to managers and employees, but also make sure that they know they’ve been heard and understood.

By cultivating these four components of trust throughout the organization, HR professionals have a positive influence on the work environment and the people working in it.

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