Human Resource Professionals Succeed When They Serve as “Trust” Managers

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Business might be business, but the trust that is required to make it work comes from the relationships between people. The HR professional is situated in strategic position to foster strong interpersonal relationships between employees and employer and help them all, and the company, benefit from the resulting trust.

In that pivotal role, the HR professional has a number of opportunities to develop excellent relationships among the workforce.

First, he or she contributes to a trusting corporate culture by proposing and implementing policies that are fair. The HR staff can also demonstrate the value of open communication by being a trusted source of important information, related to employment, benefits, etc.

Where the HR professional can have the most influence on the development of trust is in his or her role hiring, coaching and training managers.

  • The HR professional should look to hire and promote managers who demonstrate the ability to establish trust with the workers they manage.
  • The HR professional provides interpersonal skills training for all managers, so they can avoid failing, which often happens within their first 18 months as managers because of interpersonal situations.
  • The HR professional also teaches managers the skills and mindset they need to address difficult employee issues, quickly and thoroughly.

Becoming—and being recognized as—a company’s “trust” manager gives the HR professional great leverage to affect employee retention and satisfaction. He or she will be able to develop a trusting workplace environment where employment issues can be addressed with much less employment liability.

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