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Our domain has been registered since 1998, and a website has been in continuous operation since 2000. During that time, we have had about four makeovers.

1. Our initial site was a very simple HTML site and promoted one product, Your Employee Handbook for Offices.

2. Then in 2001, we did our first redesign, staying with an HTML site.

3. In 2002, we moved the whole shebang into the Postnuke Content Management System so we could offer memberships, security for our downloads, and a blogging platform, plus easier maintenance of the content we were adding. That was a pretty stable platform and lasted until…

4. …2008, when we moved it into WordPress. At that time we re-designed again and added even more functionality, including a very robust e-commerce system and member management, better security for our product files, and even better tools to communicate and organize the content on the site.

5. Since then, we’ve steadily added content that would be useful to our members and visitors, added five more handbook versions, many more publications that make up the system, and published our first non-handbook book (“Ask the Right Questions. Hire the Right Employee!”), which is available through and on this site.

6. Now, we’ve re-designed once again, sticking with the latest WordPress version, but re-organizing the site for better access the the content we know visitors and members want. We’ve added even more functionality behind the scenes that will create even more value for purchasers. And we’re revving up the writers to produce even more useful content and publications we’ll be unveiling soon.

And something that I’m very excited about is our new partnership with Ray Temple of emobileHR, a human resources consultant with a large network of HR professionals who offer the type of services small businesses often need, but can’t often afford. Services such as job descriptions, custom handbook policy development, full-fledged safety program development, and more. We’re an integral part of that network, and proud to be so. The result of more than a year’s of development and negotiation, this will allow members to reach even more valuable and and affordable services.

Read more at our Partner page.

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