State Supplement

Your Employee Handbook State Supplements Help Make You Compliant with Employment Law in Your State


State employment law revisions for Your Employee HandbookYour Employee Handbook has always included policies that are compliant with federal best-practices for employee communication and management — now includes state requirements!

As more individual state legislatures enact worker protections and employment requirements that are extension of federal law, it is increasingly important that your handbook include policies that comply with your state’s laws and regulations. To accomplish this goal, Your Employee Handbook now offers the State Supplement, available for each state (to be released throughout the year).

Each State Supplement is a comprehensive listing — from 16 to 50 pages in length, depending on the state — of your state’s worker protections and employer responsibilities that are in addition to federal regulations, and that are just as binding on your actions as an employer. The Supplement includes revised policies from the “standard” version of Your Employee Handbook, when state requirements are more strict than the standard. It also includes new policies for areas not normally covered by our standard handbook.

In addition to the revised and new policies, laws and regulations that affect your treatment of employees, but may not require a policy in your handbook, are included, to give you complete guidance for all areas of employee management.

Just go through the State Supplement, copy the policies that apply to your company, paste them into the handbook, and you’re done — and the result is a federally and state-compliant employee handbook!

Click HERE to see a sample of a typical State Supplement (will open selected pages from the New York State Supplement in Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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