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It’s Important to Have Steps in Place Before you Fire an Employee

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In the small-business environment, the business owner may also be the “HR manager”; in that, he or she is likely to be the person who must dismiss high-risk or medium-risk employees. High-risk employees are those that must be leave the premises as soon as possible because of the severity of the infraction that led to termination. Before he or she is escorted through the door, the small-business owner or manager must create a termination notification that briefly describes why the employee is being terminated. Business policies that are explained to all employees, even verbally,...

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Businesses Plan Fewer Bonuses, Gifts this Holiday Season

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The poor economy is having effects that include more than terminations and service cut-backs. Employers are getting more stingy about holiday bonuses and gifts to employees. From the Associated Press: A recent survey of small business owners or managers showed fewer of them planning gifts or cash for their workers. “Business owners are still feeling pinched cash wise,” said American Express business adviser Alice Bredin. AmEx’s small business division conducted the survey. Last year, 44 percent of those surveyed said employees would get an end-of-year bonus. This year, only...

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